Languages Edit

From English to Others: Edit

As you can imagine, Hume is human. Every race has their own language, which really isn't a language at all. It's a Dialect. Meaning it's english, just a different way of saying it.

Every letter in english has a different counterpart in every other language, and each language has it's own grammar and boring shit like that.

Stone Language: Edit

Stone language is the early runic derivative of all the languages in final stand. Any dipthong is superimposed, so there are no accents. Stone language was basically like the modern day cuneiform except less complicated, everything has lines. Nothing else. Just lines. making dots wouldn't make sense because jabbing a metal rod into stone is more likely to crack the stone then chipping or shaving off an indent.

Aegian (Aegis) Languages: Edit

Elvish (Forest Elvish) Edit

Uses icelandic letters, carot and diacresis accents. ÄÆÐËÏÖÜÞŠČŽ are used as dipthongs or as accents.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Dla (q)oetk priun mi(x) (j)ovbs ifar dla hygj ciz

elvish does not use any words to express singularity. No "the, a, an". It is already implied in the plural, which is i or y.

After Grammar:

Quick brown foxs jumps over lazy dog. (Q)oetk priun mi(x) (j)ovbs ifar hygj ciz.

q x and j in english are used to make an accent. Anytime you have those letters, you add an accent to the next vowel you can find after replacing that.

ökt prün mij övbs ifar hygi čizi

A sentence from the game translated:

"sup, bitch"

sob, peð

Peð being there because pedth would be weird.

Senic (Sea Elves) Edit

Same as forest elvish with different letters.

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

tri (q)oedg bluvz fu(x) (j)onps uvil tri hamy cuk

After grammar:

Ódg bluz fú onps uvil hamy cuky

line from game:

"I gave up on dick like 4 years ago"

E kavi op uz cedg hegi 4 yaíly aku

Veirick (Stone Elves) Edit

basically same grammar as sea and forest but any adverb will start before a noun, separated by an apostrophe, then the noun. Sounds confusing but it isn't.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Dhe (Q)iatk proim no(x) (j)ifbec over dhe ligy cozy.

Àct proim nô ivec'ligy cozy

Quote from game:

"Then there's this bitch"

Dem deres das'pat


Whichever adverbS are before you basically put there in order with the apostrophe ti separate them

"In my ass"


"in your ass"


"this dick, nigga!"

Dem'cact, mazzi!

i puked a bit in my mouth

À bikec pad amfi'foid