Sidequests Edit

Doll Gauntelet Edit

Ok, I'm the damn creator of this game. When I say these guys are pieces of shit, I MEAN IT. I really am not expecting you to win, but the guide will be here if you want to try.

1 Doll: XP Gained: 1 XP Total: 1

This doll is literally just a healer, nothing more. Sure, you would ideally want to take him out first but it doesn't work like that. Even though this goes against normal protocol, In the upcoming rounds guys can one shot you if you're not careful. You're also highly likely to level up during this as you're on average going to all be level 2 with Eva as level 4. Eva's a motherfucking badass, don't fuck with her.

2 Dolls: XP Gained: 3 XP Total: 4

The one on the right is an asshole. It really is. Rlecva will one shot the holy shit out of you. Take this fat fuck out first thing you do, even if you're on round 8. THIS MOTHERFUCKER WILL END YOU.

3 Dolls: XP Gained: 6 XP Total: 10

This doll and the next won't do shit. They're merely a nuisance in the later rounds. This doll only gives weak buffs to characters.

4 Dolls: XP Gained: 10 XP Total: 20

Here can be a little bit tricky. Even though I said this doll won't do shit and I fucking meant it, he only uses petty status ailments to help the battle. You will want to take out Rlecva, then Wrami, as Wrami can revive dead enemies and heal all.

5 Dolls: XP Gained: 15 XP Total: 35

Here is where you know you are doing good. There's a new order I want you to take people out in. Rlecva, Wrami, Podpli, Everyone else. Podpli has the power to double allies' max hp, have an mp poison cast on you, and give allies an mp Regeneration. She's so much of a pussy I want you to kill this bitch right after you kill everyone she was protecting.

6 Dolls: XP Gained: 21 XP Total: 56

Yilu only attacks and guards. Nothing to worry about really. The only thing you have to worry about is MOTHER FUCKING RLECVA. Fat shit. Kill Rlecva, Wrami, Podpli, Everyone else.

7 Dolls: XP Gained: 28 XP Total: 84

THIS BITCH. THIS FUCKING FUCK RIGHT HERE. Roli. Biggest bitch of the game. Ever. She can summon a zombie to bitch slap the fucking hell out of yo ass and set you up for a c-c-combo breaker by Rlecva. Rlecva is only a bitch so much as she is there almost every round, PLUS, where you can't revive your teammates and hits 70-110 damage a spell. THAT'S SOME BULLSHIT.

Rloi, Rlecva, Wrami, Everyone else, Yilu

8 Dolls: XP Gained: 36 Total: 120

This battle is only worth it because you will get red magic, which is the most powerful in the game. It's more of a feat that you got here, since you most likely have 1 character left. I hope you have potions coming out your ASS, because you're gonna need them. Basically: You're dead. A skill that enables Dih to do 99 Damage to a character.

In conclusion:

Dih, Rloi, Rlecva, Wrami, Podpli, Udetgi, Gdítva, Yilu.


Afterwards, the dollies will give you tokens. There's a magick wall you can spend these tokens at directly south south-west. The description is written in veirick so don't bother translating. It says: "Maybe we can use these to learn new magicks". You can go straight through the little maze bullshit I made for you or you can go along with it in the alchemist's building to the west plaza.